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Terms of Use



The User who uses the SafeAnchor.Net website and the app for mobile devices(“User”) declares and accepts that he/she is bound by the terms of use set forth in this Agreement(‘Agreement’). Absent any such agreement may not be deemed finalized and, consequently, the User shall not be authorized to use the Platform.


  1. Anchor Alarm Service

    1. SafeAnchor.Net (“Site”) and the mobile app(“App”)  are a Platform devised and managed by The app is enable users set anchor alarm on their mobile device in order to track device GPS location with using GeoFence feature.

    2. By accepting this Agreement, the User acquires the right to use mobile anchor alarm service and anchor remote service which enables online monitoring and tracking user movements remotely and real-time.

  2. Use of the Services and Premium Services

    1. SafeAnchor.Net undertakes to ensure that the Platform remains active and to render it accessible through the Site and the App, providing technical assistance in order to resolve relating the use of the alarm application.

    2. SafeAnchor.Net and the company is not responsible and accountable for problems in accessing the Platform and App due to cause which are not directly connected to SafeAnchor app and web site including;

    • Problems relating to connectivity and continuity of GPS Signal and Internet service available to the User.

    • Problems related to User’s IT systems.

    • Problems related to terminal/device used by the User, including malfunctioning of devices used by the User.

    • Unexpected crashes the App while the anchor alarm is set.

    • Non-compatibility between the Users’s mobile device and the platform.

    1. Through use of the Services or the Premium Services, the User may encounter differences between real conditions and those indicated in the app screen.

    2. Platform may include the link to third-party websites which are not controlled or managed by SafeAnchor.Net.

    3. The captain of the boat is responsible for proper use of the app. Anchor alarm is only decision support application to assist the captain to take necessary actions against the severe weather conditions.

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